We offer the following services for both Macs & PCs – laptops and desktops.  New or old, we can get your computer back up and running as it should. 

Malware Removal
Almost every computer that connects to the Internet contains some form of software the user didn’t intend to install.  A lot of this software, while annoying, is generally safe. We remove the harmless adware and ensure nothing crafty has lurked onto your system.

If your computer has picked up something malicious, such as ransomeware, a Trojan horse or rootkits, the nasty stuff can often be removed manually but in some cases a full system wipe is necessary.

All critical data is backed up before wiping the system, whenever possible.

Data Recovery
If you’ve lost important information from either hard drive failure or accidental deletion, we offer logical recovery at less than half the price of a clean room; and often recover from hard drives that Geek Squad has given up on.

We recover off all makes and models of 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives and solid state drives (including m2) – both PC & Mac, FAT32, NTFS, & HFS+.

General Maintenance & Tune Up
Not really sure what’s going on? Computer not running like it used to? We’ll check it out and let you know the best course of action, whether that means removing unnecessary programs, updating drivers, or disabling Windows visuals – sometimes all three and many more tweaks.


Screen Replacement
A cracked screen can happen in an instant; and while it may look like your computer will never function again, odds are replacing the screen will restore it fully.

We replace broken or cracked laptop and ultrabook LCD/LED screens of all major brands – certain models excluded.  Contact us for a free quote and  if necessary can order a replacement screen.  We have many screens in stock, so this is a repair that can often be completed in 24 hours or less

Liquid Spill & Motherboard Repair
It’s almost comical the number of times we’ve heard, “So I was drinking a little wine last night…”

Replacing a liquid-damaged motherboard is often nearly as expensive as a brand new computer! For less than half the price of replacement, we repair most liquid spills, with a near 100% success rate on Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.

Even if you didn’t spill anything and your laptop isn’t powering on because of a failed motherboard, we can in most cases repair rather than replace your laptop or desktop.

Powerjack Repair
Bent or broken jack preventing your computer from turning on or charging?

Continued use of the system may result in motherboard damage if your power adapter will only fit in at a certain angle.  Replace your powerjack before the issue worsens.

We replace most jacks within a week, and ensure your motherboard is not also damaged.


Whether you’re getting low on memory or hard drive space, have a battery that’s no longer charging, or a failed power supply unit, we are your one-stop-shop for computer upgrades.

  • Hard Drives
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Internal Batteries
  • CPU/GPU Fans
  • Power Supply Units
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