Early History & Mission

Mt Vernon Computers was founded in 2004 with a simple goal: to serve families and small businesses with fast, reliable IT support. Whether a broken screen, a wine-drenched MacBook, or just a general tune-up, each and every bit and byte is treated with care and respect.

Early on, we were a hobby-business focused on building high-end custom desktops. However, it became clear within the first year and a half that there was a higher need for fast and friendly consultation and repair services.

Tools Without Knowledge Are Worthless

Rapid Growth

Within a few short years, word-of-mouth combined with ever-increasing web traffic allowed Daryl Elliott to quit his job as computer forensic specialist in order to run Mt Vernon Computers full time. Working with people directly, often saving their precious photos & files, is much more enjoyable and rewarding than the old job sorting through code. Over the next several years we were blessed to continue to grow, adding additional customers while solidifying relationships with existing clients. During this time we had a number of technicians work with us, mostly performing onsite visits removing viruses and speeding up systems.

I’ve always enjoyed photography and design, and while Mt Vernon Computers was growing, I pursued these passions mostly on the side. However, after marrying very well in 2017, my wife Erin and I launched ELT Expressions – a design studio dedicated to creating timeless images and designing clean, user friendly websites. Mt Vernon Computers is still my full time gig, but we’ve enjoyed growing a photography and design portfolio over the past several years.

We are so thankful for the support over the years, and we look forward to providing fast, reliable service to Alexandria and the surrounding area for years to come.