When a computer refuses to boot, is slow to startup, or is just generally sluggish – it may be time to upgrade that old hard drive. We seek out and replace traditional, outdated, mechanical hard disk drives (HDD) with faster, more secure, solid state drives (SSD).

Data recovery is our priority when critical files are at risk.

Hard drives store files using magnetic platters which spin over five thousand times every minute, and have a 20x higher failure rate than solid state.[1] Unfortunately, even in brand new, high-end systems, mechanical hard drives are often still used, creating a virtual bottleneck. 

Upgrading to an SSD has many benefits, including:

• Improved Startup Time
• Increased Data Security 
• Unnecessary To Defragment
• Quieter, Lighter
• Faster Search & App Response Time 

What About The Old HDD?

Hard drives that pass their respective SMART tests can be converted into external devices (as seen to the right) – or, if possible, remain inside the computer via an expansion bay.

If a drive is deemed faulty, it should be erased – and physically destroyed – once all important data is extracted.



Mount Vernon Computers diagnoses and replaces outdated, mechanical hard drives with faster, safer, solid state drives in order to unleash a computer’s full potential. 

Once upgraded to a solid state drive, expect a faster, quieter, more responsive computer.