Virus Removal & Online Scams

Viruses of all kinds may cause or contribute to a host of problems. These include performance headaches such as general system slowness, periodic unresponsiveness, and serious issues like privacy breaches, data destruction, and theft. At Mount Vernon Computers, we remove both the harmless adware and the detrimental malware, and find out if anything crafty has lurked onto your system. 

Malware Removal 

We employ a unique malware & virus removal process, perfected over many years of virus elimination, to ensure that your system is cleaned up and running malware-free. After removing everything unnecessary, we offer a number of Internet security solutions based on your needs.

Keeping Up With The Viruses

macOS users rarely contract malware not because of Apple’s “Fort Knox levels of security,” but because viruses are written to infect the most possible users: 85% still use Windows. Even so, thanks to increased security, user education, along with an overall familiarity with the Internet – traditional malware is no longer as prevalent as it once was — even in Windows. 

A New Threat?

Sadly, once it became harder to infect computers with malware, — scammers began targeting users pocketbooks directly — just as life always finds a way, online fraudsters have invented new and sinister methods to prey on potential victims…

Scammer Tactics

The scammer will often call potential victims directly – claiming to be from Microsoft or other large tech company. They use remote access software to access your computer, and at the very least will attempt to peddle unnecessary “cleanup utilities.” And if you don’t comply, prepare for the scammer to lock you out of your own system using a password only they know. 

Thankfully, in such circumstances, data recovery of important files is possible.

  Refund Scams

But that’s pretty tame compared to “refund scams” — Thousands of dollars disappear in moments — and they’ve found a way to make this practice completely untraceable. It starts out seemingly innocent with the scammer offering congratulates on receiving a “$500 refund.”

Once connected to the victim’s computer, the scammer accesses online banking. Instead of “transferring $500,” he “accidentally types too many zeroes, and actually transfers $5,000.”

They Prey on Empathy

This is made to look believable by temporarily blanking out the user’s screen while manipulating the inspect tool in Google Chrome. No real money was ever transferred by the scammer. 

And now they prey on empathy. The scammer says that their “mistaken transfer” cannot be reversed.

These are generally their next words:

If you don’t pay me back the money you owe, I will lose my job. Do you have a Walmart or Target store? Go to this store and buy $4,500 worth of gift cards. If the workers ask you why you are buying them, tell them the gift cards are for your grandchildren.

Once the scammer obtains the gift card redemption codes, their mission is complete, and their victim will never see that money again. 

Attacks on Northern VA Residents

In 2020, one of our customers in Alexandria was scammed for $5,000 by an overseas refund scammer. This is happening to our family and neighbors who are either over-trusting or just don’t know any better. Even if you haven’t experienced any of the above, please educate those close to you about this ever-growing issue so that they won’t fall victim to these latest online threats.


Mount Vernon Computers removes malware, viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware, Trojan horses, rootkits, and other unwanted, unintended software.