Computer Repair Services

Trusted by Alexandria small businesses and families since 2004, Mount Vernon Computers offers the technical support you need – when you need it most. Our friendly and efficient technicians will get your system running faster, and safer than ever. 

Malware Removal

Unnecessary software can bring a high-end system to a standstill. We remove unnecessary manufacturer software to optimize performance and usability, while eliminating any spyware, rootkits, or other serious viruses that may have installed themselves.

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Data Recovery

If you’ve lost important information from either hard drive failure or accidental deletion, we offer data recovery on all desktop and laptop hard drives and solid states drives, including the physical recovery of clicking drives. 

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General Repairs

We take time to understand and implement the best course of action for your specific IT needs, and tailor our consultations around the preference of each client individually, for what makes most sense in terms of the latest technology, and budget. 


 Screen Replacement

A cracked laptop screen can happen in an instant; and while it may seem like your computer will never function correctly again, odds are replacing the screen will restore it fully. We replace broken or cracked touch and non-touch LCD/LED screens of all major brands. We have many screens in stock, so this is a repair that can often be completed in 24 hours or less.

Hinge / Casing Repair

If your laptop’s feeling unhinged – this repair should be a priority. Whether dropped just the right way, or carried incorrectly for too long, a broken hinge when left untreated can cause additional problems in the future, such as screen damage, wifi antennae tearing, and unnecessary wear and tear on the outer casing, often requiring additional parts and labor for repair. 

Power Port

Is a bent or broken power jack preventing your notebook computer from turning on or charging? Continued use of the system may result in motherboard damage if your adapter will only power at a certain angle.  It’s recommended that you replace your power jack before the issue worsens. We replace most jacks within a week, and ensure your motherboard is not also damaged.