Data Recovery Services
Failed Digital Media Recovery

No need for panic – whether your hard drive with never-backed-up family pictures was dropped, stepped on, or just decided to stop spinning up, Mount Vernon Computers offers deleted file forensic recovery in the case of accidental file deletion, and the recreation of logical partitions for targeted file and folder recovery in the event of apparent data loss.

Whether you can’t access your Windows boot drive, an external USB hard drive, or other digital media, we have the experience and tools to save data from virtually any device in varying degrees of failure. 


Recovering Alexandria Data Since 2004 

No Boot Disk? No Problem.
We recover unreadable digital media.

• Laptop & Desktop HDDs

• M.2 / M.2 NVMe / mSATA SSDs

• USB External Hard Drives
   Mac / PC

• SD / SDHC / SDXC / MicroSD / CF
   Memory Cards

• Flash Drives

Immediately shut off any failing media in order to give the best shot of a successful data recovery.


Assessment & Recovery

After receiving failed media, diagnostics are performed and critical folders are targeted first. In some media failure situations, data is recovered into type-specific folders (e.g., jpg, docx, mp3). This is a rarity, however, and in the majority of data recovery cases, original file and folder structures remain intact.

Save up to 99%

If your failed digital media is unable to be recovered using traditional means, we work directly with a disaster recovery clean-room facility to offer physical recovery services; if a drive is making a horrendous clicking sound, or simply won’t power on at all, chances are it can be internally repaired in a sterile environment, and up to 99% of its contents recovered. 

The Best Part

Once our data recovery services are approved and completed — saved files and folders are returned via removable media (e.g., external hard drive). We recommend always storing off-site copies of critical data in the event of natural disaster or general technology failures.

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